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Tony Sansalone

BFA Senior Art Student at Bowling Green State University, majoring in Studio Art with a focus in drawing and painting.

tony - drawing _edited.jpg

Ohio based artist, Tony Sansalone, has been honoring the relationships between his family and friends for the past several years with his charcoal drawings. Tony, growing up in an Italian household, one value instilled was that family is our most valued relationship; this bond influences his work. He has transformed this passion into creating work that he calls autobiographical. Tony chooses to draw people that have had an influence on his life and uses the act of drawing itself as a form of therapy, spending countless hours looking, drawing, and reflecting on the relationship between the person he is drawing and himself.

Tony’s evolution in drawing has allowed him work in a variety of ways, one primary focus is scale. He is best known for his large-scale 8-foot-tall figure drawings of his family that won him the Best of Show award at the Mansfield Art Center in 2021. Tony’s work has also been exhibited in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, Indiana and Toronto.

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