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Bowling Green State University BFA Senior Exhibition 2022

Recipient of the Monnier Family Foundation Outstanding Artist Award

As an artist, my focus lies in exploring the depths of portraiture as a means of discovering and expressing myself. Having grown up in a close-knit Italian household, I hold family as the cornerstone of my identity and my art. The fiery passion that we Italians are known for has found a home in my artistic expression, as I see to capture not just the likeness, but the very soul of my subjects - who are always close family and friends. 


My body of work is autobiographical in nature, and draws inspiration from the works of Chuck Close, who similarly drew exclusively from references of family and friends. However, while Close's work captures likeness, I seek to go further and depict the essence of the person before me, a feature that can only be accomplished by truly knowing them on a personal level. 


To begin, I take a photo of my subject with a neutral expression, fascinated by the way a camera can capture someone in a way that the human eye cannot. Charcoal is my medium of choice due to its malleability, allowing me to add textures, details, and shading with ease. I work in a classical, technical approach, utilizing an additive and subtractive process that yields specific mark making.


Through the act of drawing, I enter a contemplative state, spending countless hours observing, drawing, and reflecting on the relationship between the subject and myself. Once complete, my drawings reveal a newfound intimacy and empathy between myself and my subjects, changing my perspective of each person and deepening our connection. 


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